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The ability to pick out the important parts of a really boring speech and ignore everything else, avoiding being bored while not offending the person speaking.
'boring boring boring boring we're meeting at eight tonight boring boring boring boring.'
'ah, thank you flatmate's ear.'
'that reminds me of boring boring boring boring...'
by Andrew Doughty May 03, 2008

A person with far more energy than the rest of the group, usually at 4:00am, who is loud and bouncy to a degree that is making all others feel tired just by watching them.
"For god's sake, sit down and shut up, you twatcrobat."
by Andrew Doughty September 11, 2007
The vacant, yet intent stare that some people do after making a point, in a manner akin to that of the git-wizard David Blaine.
After John gave his bigoted views on immigration, no one wanted to gratify him with a response but he wasn't going to give up so he started Blaining to prevent anyone changing the subject.
by Andrew Doughty May 03, 2008
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