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Inswimniac is the inability of a competative swimmer to swim well according to his/her standards.
me: I'm having trouble swimming the 50 fly, I always feel like I'm going to hit a wall and so I slow down at the 12 meter mark

you: so, you're an inswimniac
by Andrew Davis October 13, 2007
A Really Annoying Drunk who, when inebreated, decides he is the coolest motherfucker at the party. Typical symptoms include but are not limited to: having sex with a slampig, exposing oneself to everyone, improved beerpong skills, and saying "newr, newr, newr, newr....".
"Wow. Andy is R.A.D. Tad tonight....make sure he keeps his pants on because I need a beerpong partner!"
by Andrew Davis December 14, 2006

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