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6 definitions by Andrew David Hernandez

when guys on xbox live hear a girl talking over a mic say: "OMG are you a girl! Can I please add you to my friends list" and then become horny and pop a boner; thus becoming "tight in the pants"
Kelsey makes all the guys on Xbox Live tight in the pants when she talks over the mic.
by Andrew David Hernandez June 29, 2008
What people who hate california refer to it as
I was unfortunately born in the Crapifornia
by Andrew David Hernandez July 10, 2008
to go down on someone
Tori was playing in the bushes last night with some random dude.
by Andrew David Hernandez July 10, 2008
When a man or several cum cum all over a woman and then wrap her with toilet paper
Aaron called me the other night and told me he did an egyptian claim on bridgette
by Andrew David Hernandez July 10, 2008
when you have had sex with a Black person, White person, Asian person and a Hispanic person. All the races are accounted for!
David successfully completed a world conquest after banging a chick of each race
by Andrew David Hernandez July 10, 2008
When a girl on xbox live hears a guy talking over a mic and says to him "OMG you sound sooo HOT!!!" and immediately invites him to private chat(video chat if available) and adds him to her friends list. From then on she either always follows him from game to game or invites him to her games just to hear his voice, which turns her on - thus becoming "Wet in the Pants".
Essentially the female equivalent of "Tight in the Pants"
Tori and Kelsey are always bugging FDD to join their games and having him say things just to hear him say them because they are so Wet in the pants over the poor guy
by Andrew David Hernandez July 14, 2008