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15th century in ukraine when the Badads had complete control over the ukraine. ukrainians were tortured with snapping beside the head. some say that this was a signal for Emporer Badadio VII to kill another ukrainian hostage. others say that the ukrainians are just simply annoyed by this act. however, this is speculation, no one knows the true reason why the snapping occurred. today, to snap at a ukrainians head is the ultimate sign of disrespect.

all this continued for over a century until 1557 A.D. when Emporer Wedad IV of Egypt assembled an army to oust Badadio and his army of Badads. until this day the ukraine and Egypt are allies. a statue of Wedad IV stands in Kyiv today as a sign of thanfulness for the gratitude shown during the war.
(see boyko)
by Andrew Costello April 24, 2004
cash crop of the ukraine. named after the army of badads that were ousted during the 15th century. these beans were grown by Czar Badadio III.

badad beans make a snapping noise when cracked open. paranoid ukrainians say that the Czar put a spell to imitate the torturing snap done by the badads. however, anyone with any intelligence realizes that snapping is the sound a normal bean makes so the paranoya theory is flawed. many ukrainians still belive in it today.
(see boyko)
(see rise of the dads)
by Andrew Costello April 27, 2004
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