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Region of Texas which has more in common with Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Some people call it a "wasteland", but its actually a peaceful and beautiful part of the state. Main cities are Longview and Tyler.
Man, I'm tired of Dallas, let's move to Northeast Texas.
by Andrew Bunn November 28, 2007
A cold area north of the U.S. Could freeze your nipples off.
Damn, its cold, we must be in Canada
by Andrew Bunn February 05, 2008
The best book ever written, a guide for life. Whoever disses it apparently has a beef with the greatest man ever to live, Jesus Christ. This book shows that He loves us and His Love should not be taken so lightly.
Read it, learn it, love it. How else can I describe it? Read the Bible.
by Andrew Bunn February 26, 2008
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