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Play on words for the restaurant "Taco Bell". Stems from the fact that, an hour after eating you'll be in a porcelain bowl hell for the rest of the night. Reasons for subjecting ones self to such "hell" is usually a result of mary jane indulgence.
0 hour: "Man I need some taco hell"!
2 hours later: "OH SHIT"!!!
by Andrew A December 22, 2003
Commonly used phrase refering to a "public servant". Intelligence is not normally a factor, as "silly servants" usually are not smart to begin with.
"Dubya" is a silly servant
by Andrew A December 22, 2003
Made to compete and beat the Mustang.... and suceeded by car lengths. Made to race in the Trans Am Racing Series and won again.

1/4 comes in a quick 13.0 with the all aluminum 1998+ 5.7L LS1 monster powerplant stock from factory. LS1 is the basic powerplant for the LS6 (z06) motor.

100% torque, rice killing, tire melting, import destroyer, "best bang for the buck" bad boy of American V8 Muscle along with its cousin car, the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am.

2007 Camaro, it will be there :)
1998 Z28 .3.42 six speed manual transmission = 300 RWHP baseline
by Andrew A December 03, 2003

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