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2 definitions by Andrew - Johannesburg

1. A truly disgusting (and usually unattractive) individual.

2. A repugnant psychopath that is disliked by most who are acquainted with it. Often oblivious of their own revulsion and of how disliked they truly are.

A combination of the words disgusting and repugnant.
She was the proverbial office pariah - A disgustant and outcast that few would have anything to do with - due in large part to her disagreeable and narcissistic nature.
by Andrew - Johannesburg March 05, 2012
The twisted bit of paper at the top of a joint to keep the goods inside from leaking out.

Rather like a candle has a wick, so a good joint has a wuck.
Make sure you put a good wuck on that joint - the last time you didn't and the weed all spilled out in my pocket.
by Andrew - Johannesburg November 28, 2010