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Take home to mom
1. A woman having the attributes which one would associate with the ability to take the woman home to meet his mother.
2. A nice girl whom you would take pride in showing/introducing to your parents.
3. A girl/woman in which you are not currently dating but would enjoy doing so if you had the chance. Often times girls whom you would THTM are not single, or allowed to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
4. The epitome of perfection in which a "Nice Guy" would take such appreciation in attaining and finding, that he would bend to her every whim as long as she proves beyond reasonable doubt that she is in love with him. Often times, THTM girls do not even know they are THTMM (take home to mom material).
Dominik: So Andrew, what are your feelings towards (Insert girl Andrew is attracted to here)?

Andrew: I think shes THTM material.

Dominik: Really? You think so?

Andrew: Definitely, shes a nice girl.
by Andrew (The 'Burg) March 09, 2007
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