576 definitions by Andrew

an insignificant LOSER.
We should promote peace, just tell me when its all over
by andrew April 07, 2005
jewish mystic, or gypsy
that shylock stole my watch
by andrew December 26, 2004
The facist dictator of unreasonable school classes. Does not promote drug use even though is suspected of manufacturing "Happiness" in her basement.
I just went into the bathroom and layed a Roadman.
by Andrew August 14, 2003
A pussy. The place where guys love to get in.
That girl had a tight towanda.
by Andrew February 15, 2005
A word used to describe someone as a nigger.
Youre a fuckin mcnabb.
by andrew February 27, 2005
Big Monkey Woman
Get me away from that BMW
by andrew June 07, 2003
A car that is also used to get people from point A to point B. It comes in various models from the LS to the GSR. There is a type R model for the people who want to travel with a little more style, after all it does come with a sports package. However, it's not meant to be modified due to the fact that it has no torque, and even if it was turbocharged, it would still run mid 13s-15s (I have proof)
*At the track*

Ahmed:Man check out that Integra Type R, it just ran 14s and it's turbocharged!?
Chuck:What can I say it has no torque.
by Andrew May 07, 2004
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