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the sole reason that middle school physical education was created

upon the creation of dodgeball came other games deriving from the root word, such as basketball and football, neither of which even compare in quality
kids wish class would last longer so they could play dodgeball for a longer time frame
by andrew May 25, 2004
1. to be very drunk
2. to be very angry
1. man, i was pissed outta my mind last night
2. im pissed like urine, he stole my fish!
by Andrew April 30, 2005
Slickest part of Vancouver. Dope style, good hip-hop, just laid back.
"Let's leave the BMWs and Jags and head back home to East Van."
by Andrew February 26, 2005
In Spanish "Fuck you!"
Persona A- ¡Eres tonto!
Persona B- ¡Jódete!
by Andrew March 15, 2005
The smoker's tool, besides the pipe.
what's a pipe without a lighter? you got a light? i think the bowls cashed, anyone got fire?
by Andrew February 02, 2004
1. the annoying figure on microsoft word
2.a matal device for keeping papers together
3.a metal object that can be bent to make it hop
1. i hate the paperclip on microsoft word
2.i used a paper clip to keep my folders together
3. i made a paerclip hop and it poked someone in the eye
by Andrew October 02, 2004
Australia: Unemployment benefits from the government. Known in the US as "welfare".

Also see "dole bludger".
Just heading down to the Centrelink to put in my dole form.

I don't have any money until dole day.
by Andrew May 13, 2004

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