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576 definitions by Andrew

2- Following a car too closely with your miniature pickup truck while blasting Eminem on the stereo; a form of overcompensation for economic failure and small genitalia.
If that jerkoff doesn't stop tailgating me, I'm going to slow down to 10 miles an hour!
by Andrew July 15, 2004
1. Nerds in consert
2. The best band ever
3. Nerd rock
4. Nerd/dork Utopia
I went to a weezer consert and bowed-down to the nerd gods.
by Andrew March 07, 2005
An adjective, typically used to describe a rude or discourteous person, most commonly in conjunction with the operation of a motor vehicle.

Examples of such behavior might include, but should not be limited to: tailgating, lane drifting, weaving, random stopping, randomly leaving a turn signal on, not using a turn signal to indicate a turn, inability to merge, inability to yield, inability to observe posted signs for anything, or any combination of these.
Just ride on the Mass Pike. Multiple examples will immediately come to mind.
by Andrew February 09, 2004
Further slang of a slang word. "Motherfucker" said accented.
Refer to "Motherfucker" for meaning.
"You silly muthafucka!"
"Muthafucka, you best get out my face before I slap the taste out your mouth."
by andrew October 27, 2002
Pertaining to the activation of custom hydraulic suspensions, MORE LIKELY TO BE IN 64 chevy IMPALAS
Eazy:cos when i hit that switch im BOUNCIN' mo' bounce to tha ounce than im clownin'
by Andrew August 21, 2003
A combination of slang terms gay and retarded. Although similar in spelling and sound to said slangs, gaytarded pertains to a ridiculous situation where and when no other single word can emphasize the degree of how gay and retarded the scene really is. Not related to homosexuality or mental illness.

Note: Gaytarded should only be used in the most extreme level of social depravity.
Doug: Come see my band man, we're totally cool!
Andy: Yeah? What's it sound like?
Doug: Well we sound like Tool, but instead of drums I've elected to beatbox!
Andy: Doug- you and everything in your world is fucking gaytarded.
Doug: Yeah we're called "Aesthetic."
Andy: I will end you, gaytard.
by Andrew May 23, 2003
Eazy: Cruisen down the street in my 64, jokkin the bitches, slappin' the hoes, went to the park to get the scoop, knucle heads out there co-shootin' sum hoop
by Andrew August 21, 2003