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Flaite us a person badly dressed and of bad breeding, which he likes to ask money and if it does not it obtain steals of any part.

In addition, they are the dross of the society, by which they should be eradicated of this.

They inhabit the outskirts of Santiago of Chile, and usually they "works" in the city downtown
The person who robbed that house was a flaite
by Andres Castillo May 27, 2006
Scab is the most important disease of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) in the northern part of Nigeria. Is provocated by a fungal Sphaceloma (Elsinoe phaseoli) An ascomycete whose products principale are Gibberellins, especially gibberellin A4.
Cowpea suffers by scab disease
by Andres Castillo May 27, 2006
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