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A person who creates productive ideas, a conceptualist.A person that processes and passes on their ideas and inventions to others to help sell or publisize a commodity. A solutions person, problem solver, think tank.
"We should hire her, shes a great ideator."

"We need an ideator to come up with a concept for this job".

by Andrea Gaia April 04, 2008
Another word for farting or breaking wind, a loud rumble in your pants, or short burp from your bum without warning, or a loud intetnional cheek lifter. (could have come from russia)...
Burp, Burp,Baarrp,...Awh Man that was some trousercough, you oughta get that scene to.

Colonel Trousercough reporting for duty...(lifts cheek.. Barrpp!)
by Andrea Gaia April 04, 2008

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