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Taken from an interview with the co-founder of the Cashletes Clothing Brand,

"A 'cashlete' is a person who is trained or skilled at money-making and contends for massive wealth on a journey to higher earning. Anyone who plans on becoming wealthy one day will become a cashlete at some point in their life. If you have no plans of building your wealth and are content with being broke, then this brand is not for you."

There are different "teams" within the brand itself. Usually, this brand is worn by those with lots of swag. Cashletes articles of clothing can be purchased at cashletes.com
Average Joe: "Whoa, look at that guy! Swag overload!"
Average Bob: "Yeah.. He's one of those cashletes."
Cashlete: *Flashes million dollar smile and a thumbs-up*
by Andre Dominique Terrell May 14, 2011

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