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1. A person of cuban nationality or origin.

2. A person who has superior dancing skills, usually involving ass shaking, grinding, or reggaeton.

3. (adj.) sexy.
1. I'm Cuban, my mom is from Cuba.

2. "She is so Cuban on the dance floor..."

3. Damn, that girl is cuban.
by Andrés el nadador June 11, 2008
The american equivalent of a Dirty Astete, with a twist.

In a dirty Thompson, the woman does a handstand on the floor with her ass sticking in the air and her legs spread. the man puts his balls in her ass and his dick in her pussy, or vice versa. when he 'finishes' he pulls his balls out of her ass (or pussy) and there is a popping sound. the man usually then says "Booyah!" or something similar and slaps the woman's ass like a cowboy.
I gave my wife a dirty Thompson last night... it was oooo-wee good! Daggum!
(makes cowboy noises and gestures) When i pulled 'em out, i said "giddy-up!"
by Andrés el nadador June 11, 2008
1. A play on the common last name "shagarabi".

2. An onomatopoeia to express laughter, like "lol" or "xD"

3. Used to break an awkward silence or pause in a conversation

In any case, more "yaga"'s can be added to the word at will,
e.g. shagayagayagayagayagayaga yaga!
1. me: "Shagayagayagayaga!& quot;
shagarabi: "Shut the hell up!"

2. "dude... she offered herself to me on a platter. like a pig."
" shagayagayagayaga! xD"

3. "..."
by Andrés el nadador June 11, 2008

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