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a retard, usually a 11-14 year old girl who wears shirts that say things like "angel" "princess" "diva" "goddess," etc. they wear sparkly pink/blue jewelry. and the true mark is crisp, clean new-looking low-top converse OR navy blue skechers. also pretend they have boobs but they dont. their bras are more like a piece of elastic with eggshells connected. and they enjoy wearing denim bell bottoms or "flares" with pre-worn out butts and/or a little flowery design somewhere.
hey, check out the fruity teenybopper... yeah the one with cheap butterfly clips in her hair and the justin timberlake lunchbox
by andie September 19, 2003
a hateful term used to decribe women who fight for equality; Often used by men who fail to realize how good they actually have it.
woman- "I believe I should be paid fair wages and not have to dress like a slut to susceed in life"

man- "shut up you feminazi"

by Andie July 24, 2006
Pizzeria frequented by young children and pedophiles.
Timmy is five and likes to eat at Chuck E. Cheese. George is thirty-five and likes to eat there too.
by Andie June 18, 2004
you dont have to be hardcore emo to be straightedge. you just dont drink/dont smoke/dont fuck
fuck you i dont want a smoke. im straightedge
by andie March 01, 2005
A store People Shop at with overpriced but Interesting clothes. It is just a place to buy things, it does not define who you are. All shopping there means id that You have a Substantial amount of Money.
Sane Person: I bought this at Hot Topic.
Insane Person: OMG! You Poseur!
by Andie April 21, 2004
a 30 minute commercial you watch at 6:30 in the morning that somehow is addicting and makes you not want to change the channel
i have to watch this windsor pilates infomercial because it's.... uhhhhrrrr.... (stares at screen as if posessed)
by andie September 20, 2003
A hot blonde that you want to eat up
Check her out, she's blondelicious!
by Andie March 03, 2005
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