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A competition for the coveted Ms. Bikefest title at the Leesburg Bikefest. The girls are selected by local merchants to compete in this competition that never disappoints!
Hey did you go to Leesburg Bikefest this year? The Ms. Bikefest competition was great!
by AndiLee June 30, 2009
A large bike rally in Leesburg Florida featuring world famous bands, vendors and the Rat's Hole Bar. Ms. Bikefest contest and other events held throughout the weekend never disappoint.
Man did you go to the Leesburg Bikefest this year? It was awesome! They had over 40 bands!
by AndiLee June 30, 2009
An event in Leesburg Florida that includes mixers, King Rex and Queen Divine, the annual Mardi Gras Ball and the "Party in the Streets." Always a good time.
The costumes at the Leesburg Mardi Gras were outrageous this year!
by AndiLee June 30, 2009
The City was named as a Florida Main Street City in 1994 when the Downtown Business

Association, the City of Leesburg and the Chamber of Commerce formed the Leesburg Partnership in a united effort to preserve the town's heritage. The Leesburg Partnership has assisted in the City's revitalization projects by hosting many public events and festivals which include Mardi Gras Street Party, the Leesburg Mardi Gras Ball, the Christmas Parade, the Main Street Christmas Stoll, and the famous Leesburg Bikefest, to name just a few.
The Leesburg Partnership has done a lot to help with the development of the City of Leesburg in Florida.
by AndiLee June 30, 2009
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