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65 definitions by Andi

shoes, ie sneakers
Where'd you get your kicks?
by Andi November 07, 2003
1. a friend that is always putting on freaky displays of a great variety
2. a highly entertaining risque individual.
"nice nudie pix freak show"
"you were dancing on the bar last night freak show"
by andi September 09, 2003
A dance made up by Howard Stern Mocking the character Sulu from Star Trek.
You can dance like Sulu...it's the Sulu Dance!!! Now...go to 1000 thumbs up and show me some love!
by Andi March 23, 2005
Phrase that made a Billionaire...a little bit more rich, like he needed it in the first place.
Donald, since you have enough $ to last you your lifetime plus, YOU'RE FIRED....I'm the new spokesperson for The Apprentice!!!
by Andi March 11, 2005
A very small flacid penis.
Guy #1: Dude, why didn't you hit that shit?
Guy #2: I tried, but she didn't enjoy my microsoftie.
by Andi September 14, 2004
Getting your period prs parting of the red sea. (#7 on the telephone is PRS)
You wanna do some in and outs tonight?
No thanks I'm dialing #7
Ok then I'm dialing 1-800-fuckme cuz I need to get laid.
by Andi March 07, 2005
What you sing to someone when you said something you are proud of, before they answer it.
Hey I got a 100 on my math test
Baw nah naw nah
by Andi February 14, 2005