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Prep breeding grounds are Virginia, Connecticut and New England. We attended the best prep schools from Groton, Exeter, Andover, Hotchkiss, Country Day, Horace Mann, and Dalton. We do not wear American Eagle, Hollister or Abercrombie nor do we wear Old Navy. True preps are graced in Lacoste pique polos - the trusty alligator is always worn with the collar popped, Lilly Pulitzer kelly green and pink, Nantucket Reds, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, LL Bean boat shoes, and grossgrain ribbon watches/belts/head bands. We tuck in our shirts, we layer, we wear madras shirts, loafers without socks, and we are seldom seen without something that is monogrammed or tastefully engraved. We fence, sail, play rugby, build our character thrugh crew, hit the links and we can be found practicing our backhands and smashes. We tailgate and we go to ivy league schools or top LACs. We all have a nickname like Muffy or Bunny. You hate us because we are better than you.
"Gee Snoop, look how co-ordinated those preppies are"
"Fo' shizzle my nizzle"
"That's right Snoop, I went to a New England Prep School...BITCH"

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