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Someone who doesn't get the joke
Obama : You like fishsticks?
Bush: Yes, I do.
Obama: What are you, a gayfish?
Bush: WTF r u talkin' about, I aint no gay n i aint no fish.
by AndersonCouncil April 24, 2009
Analogous to 'sensory deprivation', sexsory deprivation is when one begins to lose their sanity due to a lack of sexual stimulus.
"I came home last night and I was so horny, I tried to have sex with the ironing board, because that was the closest thing to a woman I could find."

"Dude, I'm a doctor: you've got Sexsory Deprivation. The only known cure is a set of beef curtains applied 3 times daily."
by andersoncouncil January 27, 2014

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