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The stupid, putsy, short half mohawk seen on usually well to do poser punks/poser rockers. usually accompanied by an unshaven face, a bitchy expression, flamboyant spittings, forced gangster jive walk, slumping black denim pants, and new oversize t-shirt in red or white with some swirly, pre cracked dragon, religious, skater, or motorcycle design. people with lame-ohawks litter, smoke, and act rude because they think it's badass.
(Guy with lame-ohawk walks around thinking,'i'm so fucking badass littering and shit...i'm such a rebel.)

me:get over yourself, idiot.
by Andariel The Cool December 03, 2009
This is the faint mustache seen on many older women and lesbians. Some of them even groom it and trim it into shape like men.
Me:Escuse me, mr-

lady with femistache:i'm a lady!

me:(thinking) well, you have one hell of a femistache! you look like a guy! (aloud) Sorry!
by Andariel The Cool December 03, 2009
A Me-mo is a poser person who copies your goth/punk/hardcore emo style in a toned down, somewhat wimpy emo style.
Me: Dammit, that girl over there is always copying my style! She's such a Me-mo!
by Andariel The Cool December 03, 2009

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