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Russian orgasmic sounds produced during a session of lovemaking. Usually followed by an equally orgasmic Russian dance where jeans seem to rip around the ass area. hehe! actually, this was no joke.
the noise:Yeez Yeez!!! (with arms folded, and hips thrusted from side to side!)
by Anastasia and Svetlana July 27, 2006
an egg with emo 'hair', created by it's two fathers Ian 'sparrow' Watkins (of lOSTPROPHETS, 'standing on the rooftops, everybody squeeze your egg out') and Jamie Foxx (that R&B dude, 'he had one too many drinks'). This eggchild results from a long night of Yeez Yeez!!! in a caravan in Norfolk. or Moscow, whichever floats your boat! THEY HAD BUTTSEX
Any egg with emo hair, usually created with a steady hand and permanent marker. emo eggchild.
by Anastasia and Svetlana July 27, 2006

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