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1. A novelty political demographic denoting white middle and upper-middle class suburban American mothers of the post-baby boom generation.
2. Women of said generation who for the most part rejected the female liberationist politik of the 70's and instead chose to define themselves through the role of homemaker and caregiver in the contemporary American family. Is differentiated from the more stereotypical "June Cleaver" of the Eisenhower-era nuclear family, however, in that "soccer moms" are as likely to be married as divorced, and generally have more progressive views on women's lib issues like abortion rights, etc. The term "soccer mom" references the role that these women have expanded on as homemakers, that of organizer and supporter of their children's athletic recreation, most significantly in their endorsement of their daughters onto traditionally male-dominated sport. Nevertheless, "soccer moms" cannot be adequately represented as being part of either a progressive or reactionary socioeconomic scheme; rather, they are something of a necessary evil of the post-industrial bourgeoisie, providing no real solutions for the problems that face contemporary life.
Soccer moms are disliked by the American right because they think they voted for Clinton, and disliked by the American left because they think they voted for Bush.
by Anastasia Suckemsilly December 16, 2003
1. December 25.
2. Day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, although most scholars today generally agree that Jesus was not born on December 25, was not born in the year 0, and was not the son of God.
3. A season extending from Halloween through the end of the calendar year in which society pressures us to spend a good deal of our time and income in order to buy gifts for others which in 4 out of 5 cases will be returned or never used.
4. A miserable time of year when we are reminded of how unsatisyfing our lives are.
In Hell, it is Christmas every day.
by Anastasia Suckemsilly December 23, 2003

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