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1.)an oral giving machine...dirty mouth stds.

2.)(verb) the act of putting one's genitalia in your mouth. "the courtney"

3.)(noun) a displeasing, often revolting, creature, who will infest your life and mac on your guy by partaking in oral activities if not taken care of immedietly.

4.) Stupid little girl.

*See pesticides and/or syphilis

WARNING!the courtney is very dangerous and can often be contagious, destroying life after life.

1.)Tony used his courtney, but got syphilis.

2.) Yeah,Logan I was courtnied last night.

3.) The sight of courtney made me vomit and fall to the ground screaming in pain.

4.) There are so many courtnies here, lets leave.
by Anastasia Beeverhousen January 26, 2006
That girl that pours tequila directly into your mouth, while wearing hot-pants and blowing obnoxiously into her whistle.
I went to Papas & Beer last night for my birthday and I can't remember anything after I met the whistlebitch.
by Anastasia Beeverhousen May 26, 2008
an unplanned and unwelcome fetus.
Maude's period is late. I bet she has a uterine parasite!
by Anastasia Beeverhousen June 13, 2008
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