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A person who is acting like a jerk. Saying things that are rude and offensive, being lazy and selfish. Intentionally trying to upset other people.
· "Wow my Rooster was being a real stinkpants all afternoon."

· "What crawled up your craw, stinkpants?"

· "Even though the Baby made brown, Mari was still the biggest stinkpants."
by Anastasia Beaverhausen December 18, 2007


A person who is currently upset and inconsolable. Also a sour disposition in general. The root word is Cranky, combined with puss meaning face. This term means literally the a person has an upset facial expression, but can be used to describe a variety of sour moods.

· "What is wrong with ol'Crankerspuss over there?"

· "You have an expression of crankiness all over your puss. You sir, are a crankerspuss."
by Anastasia Beaverhausen January 10, 2008

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