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(adj) Indicates that the following noun or verb refers to a performance or display of physical sexuality, often in a cheesy or coy manner so as to pass television or movie censorship; for instance, jiggle show, jiggle act. Exciting body parts are stirred, swayed, flapped and shaken, but not revealed.
"MTV must be desperate -- for the last half hour I've seen nothing but jiggle clips."
by anarcissie May 01, 2008
(noun) A conspiracy or conspiratorial or criminal arrangement or relationship; a corrupt official or office
"There's a lot of bags in Baltimore"
by anarcissie April 04, 2008
A prefix indicating that the root word has been artificially grown or constructed or genetically modified, a la Dr. Frankenstein's monster.
"When you add 'franken' to 'food' you get 'frankenfood', which is what that hot dog you're eating is."

"That's all right -- I've got to feed my frankenboobs."
by anarcissie May 18, 2008
(adj) As in "bag man", one who collects money for a criminal purpose
"He was a bag man for Gotti back in the day."
by anarcissie April 04, 2008
Throw away (put in a garbage bag)
"Bag your program -- they just changed the specs again."
by anarcissie April 04, 2008

1. To cause to become smooth and shiny by rubbing.

2. To apply oral sex to, especially in "polish his knob" and similar phrases.
"She got drunk at the party and said she was looking for someone suitably hung so she could polish his knob."
by anarcissie May 01, 2008
To annoy someone, especially about something they're concerned with or sensitive to, usually in a specious or humorous manner, just for the sake of annoying them. A real-world form of trolling..
'I proved to Bubba that Black people were superior to White -- it was all b.s., but I wanted to yank one's chain a bit.
by anarcissie January 11, 2016

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