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1. The fat, annoying-voiced host of Family Feud, known for saying "my father!"

2. Any female who resembles him.
"can someone please let Louie Anderson in?"
by Anarchist October 19, 2003
A real-life version of the most disgusting hentai ever made.
School is Hell!
by Anarchist October 20, 2003
An intentional mispronunciation of "mutant."

1. An annoying, ugly, short-ass girl who won't leave you alone.

2. Less frequently used to describe any demented person or creature.
"Qiuck! Hide! It's the mootant!"
by Anarchist October 19, 2003
Is also a general term for any turn-off, especially in a porno mag, site or tape. (Ex: a family member's name, a transvestite ad in a straight porn mag, etc.)
"watch out for the landmine at the top of the page."
by Anarchist October 17, 2003
Anyone morbidly (usually sexually) obsessed with Brad Pitt.
"I found a laminated, half-naked picture in Gareth's copy of To Kill a Mockingbird."

"What a Pitt Fiend!"
by Anarchist October 19, 2003
To walk up behind someone who is sitting in a chair or otherwise at crotch level and poke them in the back of the head with your three-inch wood. Named after a preverted math teacher who we called Der Fuehrer. Is a form of frottage, which Japan, the birthplace of hentai, bukakke and the professional cripplefight, has recently begun to crack down on.
Der Fuehrer: Is the server back up yet? (trys to DerFuehrerPlex me)

Me: (hunched over table to avoid his three-inch wood) No, it's still crashed by your massive Armada of Soviet Schoolgirl Porn. And dry-humping the back of my head isn't gonna help.
by Anarchist November 09, 2003
1. A non-existant gang some loser claims to belong to.
2. A guy who acts like/says/thinks he's in a real gang, when, in reality, if he ever approached them, the cops would never find his body.
Larry: Y'all better watch out! I run with a gang son!

Me: (mocking Larry) Oh, Graveyard Boners, baby!
by Anarchist October 19, 2003

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