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2 definitions by Anarchie Matthew

People who combine Anachronistic Vernian-esque cosplay and sub-culture with modern-day punk rock. Virtues include brass-studded jackets, copious amounts of clockwork gears, and a snotty attitude towards President Grant and HRM Queen Victoria.
We were hanging out at the bar when it got crashed by a gruesome lot of steampunx. They debated Emma Goldman's work and stunk the place up with their pipes, all while downing pitchers of Pabst beer claiming it had just won a blue ribbon this year at some beer festival.
by Anarchie Matthew July 14, 2011
9 4
Short for SteamPunk-As-Fuck; from the punk rock term "punk as fuck". To go out dressed in full Anachronistic Victorian-era clothing, with gears, brass and leather.
Did you see the outfit Matt was wearing tonight, it was totally SPAF.
by Anarchie Matthew July 14, 2011
6 31