1 definition by Anal Crabs

1) When a gamer becomes upset upon not getting his/her way or seeing a noob playing badly.

2) When a nerd sees a popular science-fiction movie, comic book, or other media source improperly quoted, misrepresented, or otherwise flamed.

3) When someone who is especially well-versed in a certain area of academia sees someone who is not as well-versed exhibiting a rather large amount of brain-farting and idiocy in regards to said area of academia.
1) Gamer 1: Oh my God, did you see what that noob just did while playing World of Warcraft? What a retard.
Gamer 2: Careful, don't let your nerd rage get out of hand this time.

2) They made R2D2 talk in that fan fiction?!?! I think I feel my nerd rage coming on!

3) You're telling me you want to STOP polio vaccination because the vaccine killed 8 people in 1990? Don't make me nerd rage on you!
by Anal Crabs August 16, 2009

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