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A hardcore dance often done in the pit at a show during the breakdown of a screamo song.
It consists of two people standing back to back while linking arms.
One person bends forward, holding the other person on their back. The other lifts their legs up and kicks violently in the air.
The backdancers take turns doing this as many times as they please.
Sometimes the hardcore backdancers spin while doing this as to kick as many people in the pit as possible.

A Hardcore backdance should not be performed by two people if one is a lot heavier or taller than the other.

Hardcore backdancing is distantly related to the backdance
Guy: Did you see those chicks do a hardcore backdance in the pit earlier?
Girl: Ya, I wish we could do that but I lack the upper body strength.
Guy: Yes, you're not nearly as hardcore as them.
by Anafallsintoyourheart August 15, 2007
a lap dance on the back. Someone sits down while another person attempts to give a lap dance to the back region.

It was orignally invented by Talia at Candace's 15th birthday party as a truth or dare joke.
After being created the backdance has formed spin offs such as the hardcore backdance and a song by the myspace band "The Weiner Dogs".
"Backdancing" is very popular in NOrthern california.
Talia: Truth or Dare
Heather: Dare
Talia: Give Timmy a Backdance.
by Anafallsintoyourheart August 15, 2007
A hardcore skateboarder. Someone who eats, sleeps, breaths skateboarding and would rather skate than talk to girls. Term primarily used in SoCal
Dan that guy on the half pipe is a total bro. I bet he likes skate brands like fallen and mystery.
by Anafallsintoyourheart August 15, 2007

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