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verb. the act of slapping together some commemorative bullshit and putting it up for sale before the body gets cold. After all, it’s only by making money that the healing can begin.
Have you seen the Davy Jones Tragicrafting crap on Esty?
by AnOddGirl March 01, 2012
Cities that have no personality. Each suburban home looks the same with the exception of house color, dullsville.

See: Dallas, OKC, etc.
They drove through the city, each suburb, each house looked the same for miles, Joe remarked "It's a damn cookie cutter city!"
by AnOddGirl September 15, 2010
Those that can't live without telling everybody everything they are doing every single second of every single day.
Mary is twitmad, I mean who cares that she just bought a gallon of milk for 4.98 at the local grocery store.
by AnOddGirl August 02, 2011

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