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A terrific Indie Rock band. Vampire Weekend established their unique and unlikely sound on their debut album, which combined punk with classical, new wave, and worldbeat music. The album was terrific, but even better is their 2nd album (Contra), which, while still containing their sound from their debut album, explores genres such as synthpop, more 80's, ska, and reggae. Contra is a classic and arguably one of the greatest modern indie records ever made. They're also notable for their unique lyrics from Ezra Koenig, using unique nouns in his songwriting to make it sound really cool.

I am a huge Vampire Weekend fan, and when they announce a third album, I will freak out. They are one of the best bands ever, and will continue to impact mainstream indie rock with every album they release.
Every Vampire Weekend band member is extremely talented and all of their songs (including Ottoman) are awesome! Get their albums today!

Obama is using Vampire Weekend songs for his campaign? That might actually make me want to vote for him!
by AnIndieRockFan March 18, 2012

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