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A usual, casual, deaf, and/or blind anybody from anywhere, in any small town, or the biggest city (or anywhere on earth, really), who sees an establishment,restaurant, building, and/or any other facility worth visiting minutes or seconds before (said business) closing, with an absolute inconsideration for the employee(s) trying to close said business.
I've spent the last 11 days at work. All I want to do is go home and get some fucking sleep. Sleep. That is all I want. I've been cleaning up spit, trash, urine, old lady hair, and I've done my side work more than pretty rich girls have terrible sex. It is 10:55pm, we close in 5 minutes, and these piece of shit cunts want cheezestix and poppers and etc.

Late night assholes are not appreciated.

We fuck your food before you fuck yourself on your shitbox.
by An honest Floridian August 15, 2009
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