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One who spouts absolute shite on message boards, making some laugh, some cringe and some vomit. Spends evenings as a Doxy
What do you mean you're a good side you dumb Oxoman.
by An admirer February 23, 2004
best tfc player ever to have lived in the history of valve. Someone who'se skills are envied by the world
Man you are almost as good as tfc god dekomen!
by an admirer April 07, 2003
Self-proclaimed biggest contributor to ever grace the mIRC Scripting community. Recently moved onto the more pristine career of "DLL coding".
<Soul_Eater> i havent scripted in a while all i do is code dlls
by an admirer August 30, 2004
The marks made on one's bare behind from sitting on grass naked
Oh no, I wish I'd brought a blanket to sit on, now I have blottocks!
by an admirer January 14, 2004
Much like Mary Poppins, Thusnelda is Practically Perfect In Every Way.
"Thusnelda! You're the greatest!"
by An Admirer November 17, 2004
an adjective usually used to describe a nub of some kind... (usually arrogant and/or assholish)

jonathan heaven riley
"man, what a gresy nige..."
by an admirer April 05, 2003
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