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1. (Interj.) A filler word, used to start sentances in place of words like "hey," or to add emphasis.

2. (Pron.)A way to address a group of people.

Note the distinct difference from Dude Guys I Don't Know (DGIDK)
Dude guys, where's my phone?

Dude guys, I'm ripshit pissed!

Hey dude guys, where you at?
by An Original Dude Guy April 02, 2009
1. (Adj.) A state of being in a relationship where one is not dating the other person yet and is thinking about giving up. They may be close to being in a relationship, but they aren't because one member is in this state. Similar to being "It's Complicated."
"Hey, Are you dating that chick yet?"
"Nah, I'm Dude Guys I Don't Know."

"How's it going with that girl from that thing?"
"Eh, I hung out with her but I think she is Dude Guys I Don't Know."
by An Original Dude Guy April 02, 2009
(adj) Excessive, strong, in a large quantity. Can be used to indicate overuse. (adv) Valigerantly. Antonyms: Conservative, sparse.
Be valigerant when applying popcorn seasonings

Don't be valigerant with cologne

I'm valigerantly in love with you
by An Original Dude Guy April 02, 2009
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