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Canadien; Not American....uh yeah.

Canadien; America's red headed step shild
Speaks British English because they are P.O.H.M's.
Can't be the world's best friend because no one knows who they are.
Believes in cowering while that "other" country does all of the dirty work.
Has horrible laws that prevent their citizens from defending themselves from criminals; while that "other" country has right to carry laws, and you can legally carry pepper spray and knives.
Uses only the metric system. The "other" country uses both.
Thinks it has good beer. I wouldn't call Labatt's the tastiest thing around. The "other" country has some very tasty microbrews.
Has no sense of humor. In fact, has such a low self image that it has to define itself by how it's not like that "other" country.
Can't seem to say anything without making it sound like a question. Eh?
Provides some mediocre comedian talent to the "other" country.
Doesn't provide the world with the best hockey players. The Europeans might have something to do with that.
Has no military left because of 40 years of socialist government. Might have to rely on that "other" country to protect it.
Has to constantly tell the world they are not Americans because nobody knows who "they" are.
I don't like Canadians, but I love the Montreal Canadiens
by An Even Clever American March 23, 2006

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