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1 definition by An English teen who uses the word on a semi-regular basis

Brittish term, to describe the art of male genital stimulation (masturabating), or to describe a person. NOTHING ELSE!!, not "wanking off" or "hes a wank". usually totall idiots who call other people wankers as it is a pathetic insult, but a very good way to describe the act!!
Verb:past, wank (had a wank),
present: wanking, having a wank,
future: wank (gonna go home and have a wank)
Random person 1:I was lookin at some great porn last night, and had a realy good wank!!!!
Random person 2:realy? well, i was talkin to that wanker from school after he showed up at my house
Random person 3: shut up you pair of wankers!!
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