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a girl who is nice, funny, sweet, and pretty. some one who can be really shy at first, but once you get to know her she opens up and turns out to be really nice. she loves art, even if she isnt the best at it. she has long eye lashes and pretty tan. she is one of the bestest friends you'll ever have, and any one would be lucky to date her. Natalie is also very smart, so she knows her ways around things, and she tries her best to help people with problems.(:
Dannggg natalie is like the down right bon bon! u be like "whhhoooaaa mmmaannnn thats a natalie right there! she gots all signs of perfection!! i know who my next friend will be!" and then some one else will be all like "uuuh naww. she is gonna be mine weather u like it or not cuz i am smokin." &&& then the other person be all like "pppssshhhh i bet she wont go for eaither of us, cuz dude.....she waayyy outta our leage......." then the other guy will be all like "yeah, but......wait, ppsh! ur just tryinmg to change my mind, i got the pooowerr! I ALREADY EAT THE TACOS OF WISDOM SO BYE!" skaduche,
by An Awesome Person ;) October 31, 2011

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