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3 definitions by AmyBarlow

A person who is obsessed with Take That, and can't help it. Almost at stalker level.
Person One: 'I love that band Take That, like loads!'
Person Two: 'Oh my god, me too. I'm obsessed with them'
Person One: 'Same, we're such thatters'
by AmyBarlow December 03, 2009
60 5
The romance between two members of band Take That; Gary Barlow and Mark Owen. Any fan is thoroughly convinced of Barlowen existing.
Person One: 'When Gary And Mark shared the microphone the other day, it was so cute'

Person Two: 'I know, such a Barlowen moment.'
by AmyBarlow December 03, 2009
34 10
When someone worships the art of Demi Lovato.
Person One: 'i'm a Christian, you know'
Person Two: 'well, i'm a Lovatoist'
Person One: 'so are those two from The Amlice Show'
by AmyBarlow December 03, 2009
16 6