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slang for weed. mary jane is the literal english translation for marijuana.
Me encanta mi marijuana.
(I love my mary jane.)
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007
when a group of guys masturbate in a circle standing up, usually getting off to a girl performing a sexual act.
I was watching a porno the other day, and i was discusted when the guys began circle jerking to a couple getting it on.
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007
1) In a nutshell, a highly addictive drug that is a combonation of two parts coke to one part baking soda heated to become one solid entity. Usually smoked through a crack pipe and has serious health threatening side effects.

2) The line between your butt cheeks. Often Exposed when one bends over while wearing pants that do not fit right!
Either way, CRACK KILLS.
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007
The female genitalia, (A girls hoo-hoo), "T.hat W.omans A.wesome T.hing"...or what you call someone that is being an arse.
Girl A: Daymn, that guy is fine as hell! He makes me so hot!

Girl B: MMMMMM HMMMMMM. Doesn't he make you want to twiddle your TWAT?
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007

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