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A loud, obnoxious person who loves to gossip and get in to everyone's business, while using excessive hand gestures and omigods. Usually a girl or an effeminate male. !~
That girl is sawabba. S-A-W-abba!
#gossip #loud #obnoxious #girl #omigod
by Amy F May 18, 2006
The process of packing on the pounds (gaining weight) and becoming fat.
Lady: "You've got some pudgification going on there."

Fatso: "I know I'm fat, you don't need to tell me!"
#fat #lard #pudgy #obese #fat fuck
by Amy F December 27, 2005
The first sign that you are a Trekkie. Trekkie
I know I'm not a Trekkie...if you chose to call me one, I can't change your mind. I've been trying for months now and nothing works.
by Amy F August 30, 2003
Every known cuss word combined into one word.
"Man, she's such a pike!"
#bitch #fuck #fag #asshole #motherfucker
by Amy F December 27, 2005
A combination of the words bitch and jerk = berk
"There's no one there but a bunch of berks."
#bitch #jerk #idiot #stupid #moron
by Amy F December 27, 2005
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