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Used to get attention. A longer version of the word 'oi' but the 't' gives an added effect.
'Oit, Lucy! Come here a second!'
by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005
Well, a banana is a fruit. It is yellow, and edible. Obviously. They rule and can be used to get out of situations.
John- What did you do that for?
You- BANANAS! *runs off*

'Hey Harriet, would you like a banana? They taste lovely!'
by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005
An extremely enticing kind of cake. It is wonderful in everyway, it's fun to shout out at a loud volume, because it pisses people off. It also involves cheese.
'Wow, dude, this cheescake tastes lovely!'

by Amy Buckland June 18, 2005

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