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unlike the many different opininated definition of EMO out there the correct one is EMOTIVE hardcore.
"Emotive Hardcore" music genre began to flourish in the late 80s, led by bands such as the likes of Rites of Spring. The term Emo was, believe it or not, a somewhat derogatory term used to put down fans of the new wave "Emotive Hardcore" bands. But, after a huge boom from the genre over the last decade and a bit, the term has been stolen by "stupid little boys who cry and wear eyeliner," as quoted from an article on barb wire so eloquently puts it. Now many teens who have never even heard of the word emotive or listened to real Emo music, claim "Emo" as their own.

so basically any so called "emo" has based there lifestyle on a farce when most dont even know what that kind of music is.It is just another stupid trend for people to be apart and excluded from. A "click" in otherswords they the "EMO kids phase" who believe themselves to be original when its obviously people just trying to fit in by following the trends like the sheep they are... Not following a trend that doesn't suit you means you are strong and aware of who you are. That's why only young teens are emo, they have no idea what's going on, or how lucky they are, they are insecure and have no self confidence, and so they fit in by not fitting in... it's a joke, but most grow out of it...
but basically its foolish to become something you don't even understand in the forst place so well done to all you emos out there well smart arent you being part of something so trivial.Oh and another thing about it bands such as MCR P!ATD and FOB are not in the emotive hardcore genre To be perfectly honest no actually emotive hardcore band exists today. Funny don't you think?
Emo is in fact a shortened term for Emotive Hardcore; the genre of music.

Emo is a music genre - nothing more. For those people that say that they're individual and emo well that's crap. every teen these days are trying to be "emo" it's not original. Start your own trends!
by Amy =P August 24, 2007

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