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A term for male masturbation
"Quit burpin' the baby and answer the phone"
by Amy January 13, 2005
One who has become overly gay.
Man, did you see that gayferd?
by Amy November 24, 2004
messing, joking, or fucking aroung with someone or something.
Amanda loves to jack with me.
by Amy August 10, 2004
Obi-Wan (Star Wars) + Tannapaws (dogs name) = Oubipaws
How was the name Oubipaws created?
by Amy April 11, 2005
Wicked but not quite wicked enough. The Diet Coke of wicked.
Brad is my wikk cool friend!
by Amy March 30, 2005
is the same as Deece, cool, gamin, awsome, pimpin, and anything else like deece!
yo man that party was the shizwhiz!
by amy July 19, 2004
When suffering from alcohol induced incontinence, drinkin' britches are the adult diapers one wears to prevent a wet mattress and an upset bed mate.
Before we tie one on, I'd better go buy some drinkin' britches for captain wet pants over there.
by Amy January 27, 2005

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