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179 definitions by Amy

An etreme sexual drive that can only be sated with hours of mindless sex or violence.
I don't remember anything form when i was in the rut.
by Amy April 04, 2005
code word for lighter...for pot smokers..
"dude, I cant find me liter!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
nickname for amy...short for amy...
aim is so cool, she's got the coolest nickname (not really i hate my nickname! o well...)
by amy January 06, 2005
slang term for person of african-american descent, due to the blackness of each
There are a lot of skillets in 5-points
by amy April 04, 2003
to suck the cock
"yo man, laura played my skin flute damn good last night"
by Amy April 02, 2004
something you say to someone when they've done something nice, and you feel obligated to acknowledge the gesture even though you don't like them at all.
annoying girl: hey, because you are my friend, I bought you this "best friends" necklace!!!
"friend": Awwww! (exaggerated) You're a doll!
by Amy March 16, 2004
.The craic (pron. "crack") is the feng shui of a se’siun. It is the combination of the music, the drink, the conversations, the spirit of the surroundings, and trying to make headway with people of the opposite sex. The craic is what drives all emotion and music that comes from the soul.
"How's the craic going?"
by amy March 10, 2004