179 definitions by Amy

the yummiest drinks in da world.
extra hard coolers in "glacier berry" kick ass!
by Amy November 14, 2003

This guy...creator of the CKY DVD's and Haggard, is one of the greatest and sexiest guys alive.
If looks could kill, he would be the main suspect.
by Amy December 12, 2003
tooti is a word best decribed to a male or female willing to show genital region!
oh my god rohan is a tooti
she just showed me her genital region
by amy February 05, 2005

means Starving-hungry........STUNGRY

ya get it?
Rachel: i'm starving

Danny: i'm hungry

Amy: i'm Stungry!
by Amy August 14, 2006
Said to someone to express annoyance or a friendly way to insult.
Anna, you're so slow you cretin.
by Amy January 06, 2004
Lies, Lies, Lies
George Bush is full of Bushwa. The tax cut for the rich will create jobs for the poor, that's Bushwa!
by Amy May 10, 2003
the love of a monkey
Jim: Don't make me give you monkey love!
Jo: Give it to me!
by Amy September 22, 2004

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