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179 definitions by Amy

where all the skanks live and they smoke and take drugs and drink and think they're kool!stupid dick heads
i really cant mention the names
by Amy February 21, 2004
2 2
another form of the word shit
well shight!
by Amy November 26, 2003
0 0
Pretending to be Dick Chaney
Guy: Why's he grabbing his heart and groaning about bush?
Guy2: Oh, he's Dicking around.
by Amy October 30, 2003
9 9
A condition in which one's utter desire to be entertain cannot be satiated due to one's lack of fundage Fundage: 1.Currency 2.Funds in hand
The restless teenagers were so bhordinbroque that they consequently remained at home all evening making spit-wads.
by Amy March 28, 2003
1 1
A cutie pie who is so cute and sexy and an great wrsetler. And hes the best body i have ever seen!
Batista is soooo cute just look at that body!
by Amy April 07, 2005
37 38
worshipping squirrels in pink leather. squirrels that are wearing pink leather, you don't worship in them.
my Catholic high school was alarmed when they learned of my daily chippest rituals
by Amy February 18, 2005
1 2
Very nice guy. :)
Swiatched and I talk alot through PMs.
by Amy October 19, 2003
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