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179 definitions by Amy

Noun: Girl who drinks too much, has a gambling problem, and listens to old music. She's easily recognized wearing her pajama's to school, and next to nothing when going out to see males.
That Frizzi drank all my watermelon vodka.
by Amy November 17, 2004
Its a combination of bad and wrong when something is just totally out of control
Woah man what that chick was doing was totally badong.
by Amy December 31, 2003
the way of organizing items by size
The items in the cabinet were sizemalized.
by Amy December 31, 2003
Used as a porn star name...especailly from boys named ryan.
hes got a caramel fountain ass
by amy April 25, 2005
to make out intensely
I gave my husband some suck face when I got home from work.
by Amy August 10, 2004
The act of anal sex between either man and woman or man and man.
Stacey got bumbucked after the party.
by Amy April 09, 2005
One of the languages of Japanese rock. Like Engrish, but with French.
moi même moitié (me same half)
by Amy March 28, 2005