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Music (along with house) that was created for people that enjoy life, raves, big ass festivals (such as sensation white, armin only, Ultra Music Festival in beautiful Byscane Park Miami, every single club in sexy IBIZA, SPAIN, etc), and basically progressive people (which house and trance have a subgenre called like it).
Music that's more than music....almost a fucking way of life. As some said, there's some pretty cheesy trance, but then there are masterpieces especially from Armin van Buuren, and many other tracks released by Armada, Enhanced records, Anjunabeats, and other proven quality records which attrack millions.
Armin van Buuren's ASOT attracts about 30 million listeners weekly (largest audience in the fucking world after BBC radio), and his ASOT 500 was celebrated in 5 continents, 5 countries, 5 weeks....
Trance and House festivals (and edm in general except techno which is a piece of shit), are like no other. The ambience, the people, the lights, the sound...ex: Sensation White....can't be compared to shitty rap concerts, reggaeton (which I have gone to, since I liked that kind of music before listening to house and EDM), or any other kind of music.
Electronic Music is the shit....everything else seems lame ater that. Look up in youtube the festivals and be delighted.
2 people planning a trip:
Guy 1: Hey man, Ima go to Chicago cuz Lil Wayne will do some shit concert overthere. Wanna go?
Guy 2: Hell no, I don't wanna get raped....Ima go to Ibiza, Spain where the best clubs in the world are, enjoy the sexy beach with topless Europeans, fuck some Euro chicks, go to another rave in a 6000+ capacity club and enjoy trance/house/EDM, and come back with a smile :D
by Amsterdam!!!!!!! October 08, 2011

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