12 definitions by Amos Nusheg

It's got ninjas, which is pretty cool, I guess. It's written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. He must be rich now. It's got an anime adaptation, which probably gives him more money.
Masashi Kishimoto must be hella rich because of Naruto
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
A very dangerous place as every living thing on the planet eventually dies
Earth is a hazard to all people
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
A pathetic attempt at cloning the successful Zune media player
iPod sucks, but I still have one, i don't know why....
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
Otaku are smelly, furry, plump creatures that are usually found in their natural habitats: their own mother's basements or in their dark rooms where the only sources of light are the bright glow of their computers or television
my friend is an otaku, he stays in his room on the computer and TV all day
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
The Weapons of Mass Erection
Man...her boobs are huge! I'm getting a mass erection!
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
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